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Wound Care: What Should You Do When You Have a Wound?

medical staff smilingWounds, especially deep and open ones, need proper care and treatment. This is because wounds can pave way for bacteria and germs to get in to your body and further into your system. When this happens, it will need more comprehensive treatments and more expenses. Hence, to prevent further complications linked to your simple or severe wounds, do these proper wound caring tips from Dover Healthcare Services LLC:

1.Check the severity of the wound. This is the very first thing you should to. You need to check your wound and examine how deep and big it is. Simple abrasions or scrapes on your skin do not usually need professional care. For wounds like deep cuts, bites, lacerations, persistent bleeding, and other deep wounds may need professional care.
2.Cleanse the wound properly. After checking your wound, cleanse it with clean, running water immediately. This is in order to get rid of the dirt and germs surrounding or in it. Avoid using harsh soaps as this may irritate your skin and your wound. Instead, use mild or natural soap with water to clean it. After, pat it dry with a clean cloth or gauze.
3.Treat your wound to avoid infection. After cleaning and drying, immediately treat your wound to protect it from bacterial infections. You can use topical creams, antibiotics and other ointments that treat wounds. Others also prefer natural products to prevent irritation due to allergic reactions from certain ingredient.
4.Dress your wound. Once you are done treating, dress and cover your wound with a sterilized gauze to protect it from any foreign elements and bacteria. This will also promote quicker recovery and healing. Don’t over-dress it as the air might not be able to get in. Make sure you dress your wound properly, so as the air can still pass through, to let your wound breathe.
5.Repeat all steps until wound is healed. Do step one (1) again and continue until step five (5). Follow these steps until your wounds properly heal.

If you have more severe wounds, it would be best to let the professionals handle your wound care. Here at Dover Healthcare Services LLC, a reliable provider of Healthcare Services in McKinney, Texas, we have professional nurses who can properly care and treat your wound to hasten its healing and prevent further infections through our Skilled Nursing Services.

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