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Quality service from qualified people.

caregiver and elderly woman talkingIt is essential to maintain the best people in order to provide the best services.

When it comes to the delivery of healthcare in your home, we don’t take chances; that is why we strictly screen applicants who express their interest to join the Dover Healthcare team.

We look for talent, education and skill – but most of all, we value integrity.

For each stage of the hiring process, applicants go through numerous reference checks, competency exams, and interviews. This helps our hiring staff gauge their ability and dedication to practice their profession as home health care providers who will be bringing the seal of quality that is uniquely identified at Dover Healthcare Services.

Once invited to be part of the care team, new hires are opened to a wide array of opportunities towards career growth. We regularly conduct performance evaluations too which are necessary to maintain the quality of our services, as well as to transparently give our employees a review of their level of efficiency. Coaching, seminars, workshops, and regular training sessions remain to be available all throughout the year. We give our health care professionals multiple avenues to find challenges and further their healthcare expertise either via formal education opportunities or training programs.