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Why Commemorate Memorial Day?

elderly man with flowersIn this world where there’s so much crisis happening, only fewer people still value Memorial Day. The question now is this: do we still need to commemorate this occasion? Here are three reasons why:

  • To reminisce the historic events

    Why do we need to commemorate Memorial Day? First thing is so we can remember the historical events that happened in our country. Historical events need to be remembered because it either brought us to the goodness of our country or in great despair.

  • To give honor to the lost souls

    As the poet Wilfred Owen said, “Dulce et decorum est pro Patria Mori”, meaning it’s sweet to die for your country. Since it is Memorial Day, we should honor those people who served and died for our country. They’ve sacrificed their lives for us to keep our country safe.

  • To remind millennials of the unsung heroes

    Most of the millennials nowadays never gave importance to what had happened before. Because of social media, they are hooked up on what is happening now. That’s why Memorial Day is the perfect day where we get to remind every millennial about these unsung heroes who died for our country.

Memorial Day isn’t just any ordinary day. It’s a day where we get to know about our heroes and it’s a day where we’re going to pay tribute to them for what they did. Sacrificing their own life for us and for this country is a great act of patriotism and we should commemorate them.

So what do we do to commemorate them? Here are two simple things:

  • To pray for their souls

    Let’s all give a moment where we should thank them and pray for their souls to be at peace in Heaven.

  • To remember them

    We should remind ourselves of the things that they’ve done for us and teach younger children about the good things they’ve done so they won’t be forgotten.

These may be simple things to do but they are of great importance to our beloved heroes. So let’s raise the banner this May 29 and let’s thank them for their bravery. We at Dover Healthcare Services LLC, healthcare services in McKinney Texas, will be one with you. Visit our website at

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